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Terry is pleased to announce her certification as a Master Pilates Instructor, and the opening of Privately Pilates, her studio outside Philadelphia. This certification is the result of nearly three years of study and hard work. The studio is a serene environment filled with plants and the finest Pilates equipment.

In early April, Terry organized a concert to benefit the people suffering in the horrific war in the Sudan, in the area known as Darfur.  The concert was a great success, and monies were raised for Physicians for Human Rights and their efforts in Darfur.

Additional news will be coming soon, with listings of Terry's appearances and new songs. We may also include some stories of Terry's extensive travels to Central and South America. Any comments or suggestions on the website can be sent to the webmonster. Changes to improve the site will be made as we think of them, and anything you throw this way will be considered seriously. Also, you've probably noticed that there are only three links on the links page; if you know of any other worthy organizations, please e-mail me and I will review them and consider putting them up.